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Diagnosing and treating Radiculopathy is our area of expertise:

Radiculopathy is a common condition that refers to any kind of pinched nerve root within the spine, which mightthen result in a variety of painful symptoms.

Nerve roots split off from the spinal cord as it travels through your vertebrae. Roots, in turn, anchor nerves, which may travel anywhere from a few millimeters to all the way down your arm or leg. For this reason, radiculopathy pain can–but doesn’t have to–travel.

You might be familiar with sciatica, the known disorder that causes shooting pain down the legs. what’s the distinction between sciatica and radiculopathy?

That’s a trick question: there’s no distinction. sciatica is another and more common name for lumbar radiculopathy, that is a pinched nerve root in your lower back.


More About Radiculopathy:

The spine itself has an S-curve to it that enables for better balance and shock absorption throughout the body. There are 5 totally different regions of the spine, that you must be aware of once attempting to learn more concerning radiculopathy. These 5 regions embrace the:

  • Tail bone
  • Sacrum, which is around the hips
  • lower back or lumbar area
  • mid back or thoracic area
  • neck or cervical spine

Radiculopathy can occur in any of the 5 regions of the spine. Each of the thirty-three bones at intervals your spine receives cushion from an intervertebral disc, which keeps the vertebrae from hitting each other. Once you suffer from some type of injury, the intervertebral discs can suffer from an injury that causes pinching of any nerve roots within the immediate neighborhood. Once these nerve roots become pinched, you’ll officially be affected by radiculopathy. Whereas injuries are the main reason that someone will suffer from radiculopathy, it’s vital to grasp that the nerve will become pinched for a good vary of reasons. You’re more likely to experience radiculopathy between the ages of 30-50. If you ever feel like you will be affected by radiculopathy, you’ll need to contact a doctor as soon as possible. If left untreated, the symptoms of this condition can worsen over time.

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms that you experience when affected by Radiculopathy mostly depend upon which area of the spine that the pinched nerve has occurred in. Even though the symptoms are similar in every area of the spine, there are some key differences that you just should be aware of. Since the nerves inside your spinal cord travel over to different areas of your body, the location of the pinched nerve on your spine plays an enormous role in what forms of symptoms you experience as well as which areas of the body these symptoms have an effect on. Cervical radiculopathy refers to any pinched nerve that’s situated within the cervical spine, that is the upper neck. The symptoms associated with this kind of radiculopathy include pain inside your shoulder, neck, arms, and upper back. It’s also possible for you to experience weakness and numbness in these areas, that is usually felt on only 1 side of the body.

When it comes to radiculopathy within the mid-back or thoracic region of the spine, it’s possible for you to experience a considerable amount of pain inside the torso or chest. This is often a very uncommon type of radiculopathy which will also include such symptoms as tingling, numbness, and burning pain, the latter of which might be felt in your abdomen, ribs, or sides. As for radiculopathy within the lower back, the symptoms of this condition include numbness and pain at intervals your lower back, legs, hips, buttocks, and feet. A number of additional kinds of symptoms that can occur with all types of radiculopathy include:


  • Sharp pains once you sit
  • Numbness in your back, legs, or feet
  • Reflex changes
  • Pain that worsens once you move your neck or head
  • Pain that worsens once you walk or sit for long periods of time
Once the doctor believes that you may be experiencing a case of Radiculopathy, they’ll provide you with numerous imaging tests so as to take a better and more careful look at the area. These tests will include MRI scans, CT scans, and X-rays, each of which uses a unique form of imaging. Whereas the problems brought about by Radiculopathy are generally muscle issues, it’s possible for them to be neurological ones, which is something which will be determined through the administration of nerve conduction exams. Once all of the right testings has been administered, the doctor is able to diagnose whether or not or not you’re affected by a pinched nerve.


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