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About Foraminotomy:

A minimally invasive Foraminotomy is a procedure that’s typically done in conjunction with various spinal procedures that may embody Laminotomy, Discectomy, and presumptively various decompressive procedures. In understanding spinal anatomy and also the way it would relate to a foraminotomy being performed, it’s best to think about the spine having a pair of major canals – the spinal canal and conjointly the foraminal canals. The spinal cord runs vertically down the spinal canal from the brain stem all the way right down to the first few levels of the lumbar spine. Along the way, in between each vertebral section, there are natural lateral openings (medically referred to as foramen) that allow nerve roots to branch out to the upper, middle and lower extremities of the body. If compression exists within the foraminal canals and that compression causes irritation and inflammation to the exiting nerve root, patients might experience radicular symptoms. What we’ve got a tendency to mean when we discuss radicular symptoms is any symptom that’s felt among the upper and lower extremities (hands, arms, shoulders, legs, feet, etc) that are being caused by compression that exists within the foraminal and/or spinal canals. The foraminal canals can become slender for a range of varied reasons. Patients usually present with significant degenerative discs and thereby lose disc height. Once disc height is lost usually times the foraminal canals can become slender. The patient can even have a building or herniated disc which could protrude into the foraminal canal. Bone spurs can also form and obtrude upon the nerve roots. Generally, the patient will have multiple conditions that all add up to severe Foraminal Stenosis ( stenosis is simply a medical term for narrowing). The procedure itself aims to target all of the conditions that contribute to the narrowing of the foraminal canals. Resection of an overgrown and thickened ligament, removal of bone spurs, and removal of sentimental tissues (such as bulging or herniated discs) may be performed throughout the Foraminotomy. Once the conditions that were inflicting the irritation, inflammation, and compression of the nerve root has been remedied through surgery the patient should experience relief quickly following surgery.

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Laser Spine Brevard encompasses the absolute best board-certified physicians that have dedicated their lives to eliminating neck pain and back pain.

Our minimally invasive procedures are highly focused and designed specifically for each patient. Every procedure is done outpatient, which means the patient can go home the same day. At Laser Spine Brevard, your relief is our mission. Every member of our team, from your patient advocate to your surgeon, will have that mission in mind.

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Laser Spine Brevard believes in a comprehensive approach to spine pain care. Each patient is treated as an individual with personalized treatment and therapy to achieve their personal goals.

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To put it simply…a lot. Our surgeons have performed over 15,000 successful spine procedures. Each one is board certified and extremely skilled in fighting neck and back pain. We are the leaders in Laser Spine Surgery.

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The best choice for patients suffering from neck and back pain. This form of minimally invasive surgery provides an alternative to regular surgical procedures when other treatment methods have not produced the desired results. Laser techniques offer faster recovery times with fewer complications.

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That’s why we are here. We have a duty to the patient to do everything we can to eliminate neck and back pain. Our newest location in Brevard is equipped to handle the most complex cases. Our surgeons are highly specialized and focused on eliminating chronic pain and getting patients back to a pain free life.

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