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About Facet Disease:

Much like Degenerative Disc Disease, Facet Disease is somewhat of a wrong or inaccurate use of a name or term. Our facet joints support the movement of our vertebral bodies. As we age, the facet joints will experience wear and tear similar to any other joint in our body. Like most joints within the human body, our facet joins are lines with cartilage to supply cushion and stop bones from grinding other bones. With wear and tear over time, this cartilage will break down and cause mild to extreme debilitating pain for a patient.

Facet Disease may also be known as other things as well. typically it’s referred to as facet arthritis, facet joint syndrome, or facet hypertrophy. All of which refer to an equivalent pathology.

Although Facet Disease can be diagnosed at any vertebral section of the spine, it’s most commonly diagnosed within the lower spine simply because of the additional weight and range of motion that the lumbar spine supports.

What causes Facet Disease?

There are many various ways in which a patient might become diagnosed with facet sickness.

Facet Disease can be degenerative — this implies that no specific trauma/accident caused it. it was merely caused because of natural wear and tear on the side joints from aging and daily stress placed on the spine.

Facet Disease can be caused by trauma — if a patient was ever in an accident or slip and fall, this may compromise the structure of the spine. certain conditions like spondylolisthesis, disc herniations, or fractures (which usually result from trauma) can cause facet joints to overwork and become inflamed or unhealthy.


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